How does biofeedback help people reduce stress?

People in modern society need to know how biofeedback can help reduce stress! We all experience varying degrees of stress every day, which can have a number of detrimental effects on the body’s balance and can even lead to the development of diseases in the long term. In biofeedback therapy, the physiological reactions of the body can be measured, analysed and the patient can be involved in his own conscious relaxation and stress management process.

How does biofeedback help people reduce stress

Biofeedback and stress management are two inseparable concepts. Biofeedback is biological feedback, whereby we receive feedback on the physiological responses of the body – with the help of an appropriate tool – which allows us to consciously take control of our body’s responses to stress.

The biofeedback device can accurately measure heart rate, breathing patterns, brainwave activity, and provide information about how your body is functioning. The device summarises all the readings so you can see where and what needs to change. The biofeedback therapist will explain to you how to interpret, regulate and manipulate your body’s response to stress.

What is stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety are emotional and physiological responses, often with similar or identical symptoms. These may include sleep disturbance, difficulty concentrating, irritability. Although their symptoms may overlap, they have different causes.

Feeling sick to your stomach in a stressful situation?

This can happen many times in our lives, when something is stressful, the brain floods the body with hormones that cause it to react. This results in faster movement, a faster heartbeat, faster breathing and more oxygen in the bloodstream.

Stress has evolved as a survival mechanism in the living organism, making it easier to survive and fight in life-threatening situations. In fact, sometimes it is useful, because it helps you stay alert and take action!

Anxiety comes from within, a specific reaction to stress. Anxiety is characterised by a more persistent fear, dread, and is harder to get over than stress. It can cause serious problems in the long term, but anxiety, hypersensitivity and restlessness can also be quite stressful for the anxious person.

In today’s fast-paced world, meeting deadlines, the need to keep up with work and personal life, financial or health and emotional problems can all trigger stress, which is best dealt with naturally and by harnessing our body’s ancient self-healing ability.

Biofeedback therapy is a great way to treat stress naturally, without drugs.

Biofeedback and stress management

The biofeedback therapist uses a special device to give you individualised instructions for dealing with stress and anxiety, based on the results obtained, which can help your body to function in a more balanced way, and your brain cells to be „re-educated”.

Treating stress and anxiety doesn’t require medication, it just requires a better understanding of how our bodies work, a better understanding of our body’s reactions and a more conscious way of managing and developing „bad responses”. Biofeedback and stress management offer an excellent alternative for a calmer and healthier life.

How biofeedback therapy works

How biofeedback therapy works is very simple. There is no intervention, no unpleasant tests, no needle pricks, and no medication. It can be used safely by almost anyone, with no side effects.

During biofeedback treatment, a biofeedback practitioner places finely tuned sensor chips on the head, ankles and wrists, linked to a computer system running special software.

Information about the current state of the body is obtained, which can be used to generate self-healing processes. Sensors on the body measure physiological reactions from the body and related to stress, such as heart rate, respiration, muscle condition, sweating or body temperature.

The QUEX S biofeedback therapy device actively involves the patient in his/her own stress management therapy, for example, by amplifying audio-video material, auditory, visual and vibration stimuli.

How to start biofeedback therapy

Biofeedback therapy can be started by anyone, except in a few cases (e.g. people with a pacemaker), by contacting a Quantum Biofeedback therapist who will help you to run the treatment effectively.

Later on, when we learn to consciously control our reactions to stress, we can even manage stress effectively on our own, balancing our body’s equilibrium and energies.

Benefits of biofeedback therapy

For many complaints related to stress and anxiety, biofeedback therapy can be expected to provide effective treatment.

Whether it’s headaches, pain, attention deficit, high blood pressure, depression or incontinence, biofeedback therapy tools can be used to help improve health and achieve physical and mental well-being.

No surgery, no intervention in the body. The effects of medicines may improve, but some medicines may not be needed later.